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New parking coupons to deter forgery - 18Jun2011

Is there a maximum you can kena? Well, the DBKU spokesperson told us it depends on the hours the officers ronda, which is from 8am-5pm, and the time you kena tangkap. For example, you parked your car at 8am and scratched for 2 hours only:.

Old receipts from Rates still same 50 and 80 sen. Img from mrsjaysblog.


Review parking coupon system – bureau

But like we said, that is for overparking la. To begin with, parking coupons in Kuching are also cheaper than in the Peninsula. They are come in 20 sen, 50 sen and 80 sen booklets, sold at 34 coupon booths around the city. KCPS since Yeah cheap, cheap, so nice, but who da heck would purposely want to make a trip to the council to pay 50 sen?

Guess which state has the cheapest samans in Malaysia?

Charles H. I asked a worker at one of the clinics who told me that one exists just on the opposite side of the busy road which is minute driving provided there is no jam, just to pay 53 sen. They know that a lot of motorists will just throw away the notices issued to them, but the Council still has records and will not hesitate to prosecute.

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The good news Kuching has gone digital. There have been many occasions on which motorists could not get coupons. Benjamin added the system also poses a risk for elderly people who would have to rush to replenish coupons to avoid receiving a penalty, especially during rush hour and in harsh weather. MCA Luyang assemblyman Datuk Hiew King Cheu said the amnesty exercise for the people to settle their long outstanding parking offence compounds and fees in arrears had helped to resolve the problem of unsettled compounds and parking fees.

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Many people had turned up at the DBKK counters to check their outstanding amount and paid the compound for only RM10 each. City Library.

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